Professional Leak Detection Service in Banbury

You may not even know you need water pipe replacement or repairs until they start to cause serious issues. You might receive an unexpectedly big water bill, damp patches appearing in your garden or drive, or you may hear dripping sounds when taps are off. You may experience low internal water pressure, which can affect the operation of appliances such as your washing machine, shower or central heating system which requires leak detection in Banbury, Wokingham and surrounding areas.

This is where Lanes Mains’s leak detection service in Banbury comes in. If you think you have an issue with a mains water pipe leak, then please get in touch with us today. Our team is made up of highly qualified engineers with decades of experience in water pipe repairs. Our team is made up of highly skilled EUSR-registered technicians who hold National Water Hygiene Cards and we complete every water pipe repair job with great care and skill. We will fully assess your situation and decide what the best course of action is.

Burst Main Water Pipes Repairs in Banbury

Once we have carried out a full assessment, we will explain what we recommend we should do. We always keep you informed of what we have found and why we recommend what we do. We use no-dig or “trenchless moling” techniques to identify issues with your mains water supply. This method is designed to find issues with your mains pipes with minimum damage, and deliver fast and reliable mains water pipe repairs.

Our team will always provide you with a fixed cost, no-obligation quote, without any hidden costs. We will not carry out any work without your go-ahead. We keep you up to date with progress and carry out work with care and attention, to minimise disruption and get you back to normal as quickly as possible.

Mains Water Pipes Replaced in Banbury

Sometimes we cannot solve your problem with our water pipe repair service in Banbury. Occasionally we will need to replace your pipes. Older pipes struggle to cope with the demands of modern life, which leads to stresses and breakages. You may notice water rising up in your garden, on your drive or darker patches on your grass. If you see any of these signs, do not panic, just turn off your appliances and central heating and call Lanes Mains on 0800 084 4624. Failing to act fast can lead to much more serious problems and can incur high repair costs to electrics, appliances and to your home furnishings.

Our modern water pipes are made from higher quality materials and last longer than old fashioned ones. They are designed to cope with the strains of modern life and should last longer, which will save you money on repairs in the long-run.

Lanes Mains are members of and have all of the expertise, knowledge and state-of-the-art equipment to get you back up and running quickly. We take great pride in our work and complete jobs to the highest standards.

Lanes Mains is based in Wokingham and we cover areas across the South of England, including Banbury for Water Pipe Repairs, Replacements and Trenchless Moling Services.

If you have an issue with your mains water pipe in Banbury then contact us today. We can arrange a callback online via our quote form, or you can call us directly on 0800 084 4624.