What part of the Water Supply am I responsible for
The homeowner is responsible for all water main pipework from the meter or road / path connection to the house. It is the owners responsibilty to keep this supply in working order
What is trenchless moling?
The method uses displacement to create a bore and thus is the most appropriate for compressible soils. Difficulty can arise with cobbles, dense dry clays due to the difficulty in compaction and with loose sands and gravels due to collapse of the borehole. In order to ensure successful completion of an impact moling job, it is essential to know the ground conditions and to identify the depth and location of all existing utilities and other underground objects nearby.
Is the water supply pipe my responsibility?
Yes it is, anything inside the boundary of your property is your responsibility so basically everything from the footpath is your responsibility.
Why is my water pressure so poor?
This problem is mainly caused by the supply pipe becoming restricted by deposits that have built up over time. Let us put in a new pipe and the problem will be fixed in next to no time.
How long will it take to repair my pipes?
We normally replace or repair your pipe within one day.
How long will the water be off?
Normally, you will be without water for around 15 minutes, but every project is different.
Is your work insured?
Yes, it is. We have a team of highly trained specialists who take pride in their work. All work is fully insured and guaranteed.
What state will my property be left in?
I most cases we find only two small pits are required due to fact that we use a special “No Dig” “Trenchless” mole system, which can easily bore the correct hole between the two pits. This systems saves huge amounts of time and money.
Will there be extra charges?
No, we will quote you a fixed price and that is the price you will pay.
Why use lanes main and not water company themselves
Water companies can sometimes provide this service but often at typically double the cost of what we can provide the same service for.
If you have any other questions, then please do not hesitate to contact us. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.