If you are thinking of replacing your water supply, modernising your water pipes that supply your property or installing a new mains water supply you are probably aware of water pipe moling or even seen some videos on YouTube of pipe moling.

If so, you may even have thought, that looks easy, why not give it a go yourself Our advice is clear – don’t. According to some of the moling videos online it looks like you just line the machine up, start it up and just sit back and wait until the mole head has reached the destination.


Experienced Moling Experts & Leak Detection Specialists


After over 20 years’ experience, Lanes Mains can assure you it isn’t that easy (unfortunately). You require a specialist leak detection company like Lanes Mains. We specialise in Emergency Leak Detection, diagnosing and repairing burst water mains, finding underground water leaks and getting homes across the UK back to normal.

Firstly, you have to ensure your entry and exit holes are the right dimensions to get the moling machine set up right, you have to survey the ground checking for other utilities, you have to check the ground to know how much power to put through the machine, you need to track the drill head to ensure it’s going in the right direction and most importantly you need to be fully insured just in case something does go wrong.


Skilled Technicians


All of our technicians are EUSR registered, hold up to date National Water Hygiene cards and fulfil every job with a high level of skill.
Don’t risk hiring a machine and having a crack yourself, just to drill through a sewer and make more of a mess than when you started – just give us a call.
We don’t just make sure your moling project is planned and carried out correctly, we also install the correct water pipe, because we are fully qualified and accredited by WIAPS and TAPS 5.
Crucially we also hold full public liability insurance giving you piece of mind.


Tracer Gas Specialists


Our Leak Detection Specialists use tracer gas to accurately pinpoint and locate water leaks in pipes. The tracer gas is introduced into the pipe with the suspected leak. The gas will exit the pipe at the leak and make its way to the surface where it is detected using gas sensitive probes.

The gas used to find water leaks is a safe mixture of hydrogen and nitrogen. Hydrogen at 5%, in a balance of nitrogen, has the smallest and lightest molecules so permeates all surfaces including concrete, tarmac, block paving and grass rising quickly to the surface.


Advantages of using Tracer Gas

  • A non-invasive leak detection technology
  • Works in all surfaces
  • Quickly and accurately detects leaks
  • Leak detection method without damage

Gas tracing is often used to detect water leaks, for example in central heating. The water pipes are drained and a mixture of hydrogen and nitrogen gas is pumped at pressure through the system. ... Sensitive gas detectors will then pinpoint the source of the gas and thus your leak.

Where are your services available?

Our Leak Detection Services are available across the South of England. You can view where we operate on our Areas Covered page.

If you have a broken water main, or another water pipe emergency. then please get in touch with our leak detection specialists today.