Leak Detection in Twickenham

Leaks in your main water pipes cause huge problems if not dealt with properly. If your water bill is going up without you knowing why, it could be due to a mains pipe leak. You could also be left with a flooded garden, puddles on your drive and extensive property damage.

Our mains water pipe leak detection service will help you avoid these issues. Our team, based in Wokingham, uses a combination of Trenchless Moling and techniques using tracer gas to find issues fast. We then collaboratively make a decision about the best course of action.

If you do need mains leak detection services, then get in touch with us today. Our technicians have over 20 years experience of handling pipe repairs and replacements and can solve your problems quickly and efficiently.

Twickenham Mains Water Pipe Repair Service

You must fix a burst mains water pipe straight away. Lanes Mains’ engineers can carry out your mains water pipe repair in Twickenham using decades of experience. We use the latest trenchless moling technology and state of the art equipment to ensure a fast repair with minimal disruption to you and your property.

An immediate response is key for water pipe repairs, you can request a quote online, fill out our contact form orring us on 0800 804 4624

Replace Mains Water Pipes in Twickenham

If your pipe is old, it may be beyond repair, we offer Water Pipe Replacement across the South East of England. A replacement can be the best way to return your water supply back to normal. New mains pipes can improve the quality of your drinking water. You will notice an increase in water pressure to your property and it can even save you money on your heating bill as the performance of your boiler will improve.

If you have an issue with your water supply, you may require water pipe replacement in Twickenham, we can provide a fast and efficient solution.

Using our trenchless moling technology, we provide water mains replacement and leave you with a single, modern, clean water supply to your property. Our high-quality pipe replacement solution also uses modern pipes which are less likely to break, saving you money in the long run.

We offer all of our services in Twickenham as well as in Reading, Wokingham and Berkshire.