Water Leak Detection in Newbury

Mains water pipe leaks can cause the worst problems possible. If they are not detected and repaired straight away, they can lead to much more serious issues. They can cause extensive water damage to your garden and property and can increase your water bills without you knowing why. You may also notice your internal appliances not working properly, due to low water pressure.

Sorting a burst water pipe quickly is essential. If you don’t, it can cause expensive damage and the problem can quickly worsen.

This is why we offer our leak detection service in Newbury and across the South East. We are available to take your call or email 24/7, just get in touch via our website today or call us on 0800 804 4624 and we can start the consultation process.

Water Pipe Repair Service Newbury

The Lanes Mains team have 40 years experience of dealing with water pipe repairs in Newbury and nearby. Our team consists of highly skilled EUSR registered technicians, who all hold National Water Hygiene Cards and we fulfill every water pipe repair job with a high level of care and skill.

We will quickly decide if your issue can be solved with a repair or if you require water pipe replacement. Our no-dig trenchless moling technology is designed to identify problems with your water pipes with minimum damage as well as delivering fast and efficient mains water pipe repairs.

Once we have decided that a water pipe repair is viable, we will provide you with a quotation and timeline to give you peace of mind and our experienced engineers carry out the job to get you back to normal as quickly as possible.

Newbury Mains Water Pipe Replacement

Unfortunately, we will not always be able to solve your issue with a repair. Our water pipe replacement service is sometimes the only way to help you. This has benefits such as improved water pressure and higher quality drinking water as well as stopping the leak and preventing future issues, saving you money in the long-run.

If you have a problem with your mains water pipes in Newbury then get in touch with us today. We can organise a telephone consultation or a quotation online.

We offer all of our services in Newbury as well as across the South East.