Mains Water Pipe Leak Detection in Kingston

Mains water pipe leaks can lead to serious damage. If they are not spotted and fixed straight away, they can cause significant issues such as property and garden damage, flooding indoors and outdoors and increasing your water bills without you knowing why. They can also cause internal appliances such as washing machines to break.

If you suspect you have an issue with your water pipes, you must organise a repair immediately to avoid these issues.

To help avoid these problems, we offer mains water leak detection in Kingston and across the South East. We can take your call 24/7 and you can request a callback on our website.

We Repair Water Pipes in Kingston

The Lanes Mains team have 40 years' insight of carrying out water pipe repairs in Kingston. Our repair team is made up of EUSR certified professionals, with National Hygiene Water Cards. We carry out all of our mains pipe repairs with high levels of skill and care.

Our engineers will quickly identify the issue, and decide whether it can be repaired or if a water pipe replacement is required. We use a no-dig trenchless moling technique to minimize damage and disruption while getting the job done.

We communicate with you throughout the process, to let you know how progress is going. There are never any hidden costs and everything is explained to you as we work.

Water Pipe Replacement Service in Kingston

Sometimes you will require a pipe replacement. This can actually be a more efficient way to ensure you don’t have issues with your pipes in the future and can improve water quality and water pressure.

If you require a water pipe replacement or repair, or if you have an undiagnosed issue with your water pipes, then please contact us today.

We offer all of our services in Kingston as well as across the South East.