Leak Detection in Bicester

A mains water pipe leak is a potential nightmare for all property owners, causing unexpected disruption and having the potential to lead to further problems if left undetected and unfixed. If you suspect you have an issue with your mains water pipes (common signs can be low water pressure, huge water bills, dark patches on grass or huge puddles in your garden), then please call us on 0800 084 4624.

The Lanes Mains team is made up of skilled, experienced engineers who know what it takes to solve mains water pipe issues in Bicester. We have decades of experience of jobs of all sizes and carry out Water Pipe Repairs, Water Pipe Replacements and Leak Detection daily across the South of England.

We are full members of checkatrade.com and all of our engineers hold National Water Hygiene Cards. Our team are also EUSR registered and carry out all jobs to our impeccable standards. By choosing Lanes Mains, you will be in the best hands and will be closer to having your issue solved and getting back to normal.

Our experience and certifications means that health and safety is a real priority with every job we carry out. We aim to leave your property as neat as we find it and leave you with minimal damage.

Effective Water Pipe Repairs in Bicester

If you think you have a mains water pipe leak, you may need a water leak repair so you should call Lanes Mains immediately, or request a quote online. Leaving a leak unfixed can cause property structure damage, damp and mould so it is essential to act quickly. Once you have spoken to a member of our team, we will send an engineer out to assess your property and decide what is the best course of action. We always provide a fixed-price quotation and never carry out any work without informing you first. Once you have consented, we can start the repair immediately and our experienced technicians often repair the issue the same day.

Water Pipes Replaced in Bicester

Unfortunately, we cannot always solve your issue with a repair. Old fashioned pipes are not designed for modern life, they cannot cope with the water flow and therefore you need our modern water pipes installed. This can lead to improved water pressure, higher quality drinking water and can avoid repairs and replacements in the future. We use trenchless moling techniques, which is where we can detect and repair issues without digging up and damaging your property, this minimises disruption to your home and means we always provide a neat job.

If you require water pipe repairs, mains pipe replacement or leak detection services in Bicester, Oxford, Reading, Swindon or across the South of England, then call us on 0800 084 4624, contact us via our contact form or request a quote online.