Detect Mains Water Leaks in Brentford

Mains water pipe breakages can lead to the most serious problems at home. If they are not found and dealt with rapidly by professionals, you will have even more problems on your hands and they will cost a lot more to deal with. You can expect damage to your garden as well as your house.

All of these issues and spiraling costs can be avoided by getting in touch with Lanes Mains. We offer our mains leak detection service in Brentford and across the South of England. Our team uses the latest no-dig, also known as Trenchless Moling technology to detect issues with your pipes. This means no digging, no trenches and no lifting driveways to detect and repair your issues.

You can arrange a quote online or have one of our experts call you back.

Water Pipe Repair Service in Brentford

Once our skilled engineers (who have 40 years’ experience in the industry) have found your issue, they must decide if a repair is possible. All of our team are EUSR registered experts and know exactly what is required to fix leaks. If you have mains pipes issues caused by corrosion, old pipes or ground movement, we know we can deal with them quickly and efficiently, whilst remaining affordable. We are available to discuss your issue 24 hours a day.

Replacement of Mains Water Pipes in Brentford

Although repair always seems like a simpler solution, that is not always the case. We always offer impartial advice and explain the best course of action. Water pipe replacements generally improve water quality and pressure as well as helping avoid issues in the future. Our modern pipes are more hard-wearing and will give you peace of mind.

If you require water main pipe repair in Brentford, or any of our other services, then please get in touch today, you can organise and emergency quote or call us directly on 0800 804 4624. All of our services are available in Brentford and the South East.